Monday, September 22, 2008

5 Weeks Left....

Well, there are 5 weeks left now until my due date. The question now remains will she be early, on time, or late? Seems like a good opportunity for gambling!! I will need to put together a pool I think because everything is always more fun when there is gambling involved!

In other news, I won my first eBay auction! It was all very exciting. I won a peanut shell sling thing and not only got to use eBay but also PayPal. Granted I had to do it all from Chris's account, but it was a thrill. Now I am trying to figure out what else I can buy on eBay. Any suggestions?

We have a busy week ahead here in FL with family coming to town and a baby shower on Thursday night. We have also been working very hard at getting the house together before the baby comes. While we have been doing well to knock things off the list, we also seem to keep adding things to the list...oh well. I suppose once the baby comes, home tasks will take a backseat.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Before we get blown away....

Since Hurricane Ike seems to be heading in our general direction, I figured I better hurry up and post some pictures of the baby's room before our house gets blown away. At least I will be able to show baby McCarthy that we did try to make a nice room for her!

My folks came two weeks ago and were a HUGE help in getting everything together. Before they arrived it was a room full of boxes, tools, and random things we did not know what to do with. In a matter of a few days everything was transformed into a room that we could actually use! Thanks so much to both of them for all their efforts! It would have taken Chris and I an entire weekend to put all the furniture together.

Now that it is September we are starting to realize that this baby is coming very soon. Hopefully we are just about ready for that....I think our credit card is ready for us to be done, that is for sure! The good news is that we have had lots of good distractions to make the time go by faster between hurricanes, family visits, and unpacking seems like the weeks are quickly ticking away. Last weekend we even attempted (not sure how it will turn out) to make a batch of beer that will be ready right around the time the baby comes.

That is about it from not so sunny Florida....everyone is doing well and we are hoping that we make it through our first hurricane season as homeowners in one piece. Oh and lastly, for those of you who keep harassing me.....