Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And I am back...

So it seems as though having a baby has limited my time for blogging. Alas, I am back for a short update and some pictures! Caroline is growing more and more every day. I swear her face keeps changing and the expressions she keeps coming up with are cracking me up. Once she finds her words I think Chris and I are really in for it!

These days she is trying to crawl, but mainly flips herself onto her back and inches along using her head and feet. She loves walking and standing and gets upset if you will not help her stand up and walking so she can get BoDuke!

We have been continually lame. In January, Caroline and I went to VA for two weeks and Chris came for a week. It was freezing and those of us that have adapted to FL weather were definitely not ready for it! I started back to work February 1st. It is okay, but sad not to be home with Caroline all the time. We hired Karla to come and keep Caroline company while I work, and that seems to be working out great. I love her and so does Caroline. Since then, work has been going well for both Chris and I. Chris is working hard at Nextera (formerly FPL Energy) and WGES continues to dominate and therefore so do I!

Caroline and I went to VA in March for a visit and work. My folks took care of Caroline for the week. Turns out that my dad was in his element taking care of the little miss. In the end I think everyone had fun.

Below are a few pictures from the past few months....my how times flies!